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Pūrvita Elderberry Natural Soap & Shampoo Bars.

All with Pūrvita Elderberry Concentrate. All handmade with natural ingredients like nourishing olive & coconut oils.

All for your wellbeing.  All environmentally friendly.


Treat your senses and nourish your skin:


▪︎ EXFOL Soap Bar - EXFOLIATES skin with natural elderberry pulp & offers a soft patchouli bergamia rosemary scent

▪︎HYDRA Soap Bar - HYDRATES with Shea Butter & zero scent for sensitive skin & face care.

▪︎VIGO Soap Bar - INVIGORATES the senses with a refreshing eucalyptus peppermint & rosemary scent to awaken and energize.

▪︎REJUV Shampoo Bar - REJUVENATES your scalp & hair for a natural clean with a soothing scent of cedarwood ylang-ylang and rosemary.

Soap & Shampoo variety pack

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